< Born to Love You <

The skyline is dark tonight, but the lights are everywhere and shine into the loft's floor to ceiling windows. We are watching some television, talking, and joking around. It's and ordinary moment after a beautiful night. We stayed in, cooked together, made drinks, and just enjoyed each other. Looking over at her, I know this is the moment I need, and she's always wanted. I am scared, though. We've had some dark times. For awhile, I didn't think we'd make it, and this didn't even feel like a possibility.

I watch her laugh at the television. I'm trying not to stare at the way she throws her head back or the way skin the crinkles around her eyes because of her full cheeks when she smiles , but I want to savor this perfect moment. She's giddy tonight. I'd love to say it's solely because we finally have time alone between our busy schedules, but I know it's also because of the fresh daiquiris she's had. She's not drunk by any means, just feeling good. I stand to walk away, but she tugs my hand. I look back to a set of full mahogany eyes.

"Where you going mister?"

"I'll be right back," I say stroking her cheek with the pad of my thumb. She sits back on the couch and smiles. Now, I'm nervous. I head to the bedroom and dig in my gym bag, the one place I know she'd never look. I open it again, and take a deep breath. I hope I did good. I shove my hand in my pocket, and say a prayer. It's now or never.

I head back to  the living room, and hear music along the way. She's singing at the piano. For some reason the song gives me courage. She's singing "Born to Love You," a favorite of ours. It reminds me of her. I take her in. They way her dark hair falls down her back, how she wears my tee with ease over her sweats, and how she sways smoothly even as her arms flex while she plays. I let her finish and clear my throat while leaning on the entry way all. She looks over her shoulder, blushes, and gives me a small smile.

"I thought I was alone. The show just ended."

"It was beautiful. I love when you play that one," I say quietly, walking over to her. She turns fully to stand, but I don't want her to. The piano, the music, that's her first love. It is a comfort for her, and it was a big part of why I fell in love with her. I need her at her piano. "Don't move." She sits on the stool, and wrinkles a brow in confusion. I approach her and take a deep breath.

I take her hand. She gazes up at me probably wondering why the hell I'm standing. Honestly, I don't know how I still am.

"Cadence, I know we are just getting over tough times. That was my fault for not paying attention to your needs. I was putting everything else before us." I pause when she looks down. "For that, I am so sorry. I've been a fool, but I know you are the one I can't live without," I say. She looks up and smiles as her eyes glaze over.

I get down on my right knee, and the first tear drops. I kiss her hand before reaching into my pocket to retrieve the ring. Her hand goes to her mouth as I open the tiny red box.

"I know that I was made to love you, and because of that I have to ask, will you be my wife?" I ask looking at her now tear streaked face. I holding my breath when suddenly her lips collide with mine. The kiss is heady and intoxicating. Her scent, her touch, her taste, her love, it's all there, and I'm drowning. I pull back first.

"Cade, is that a yes?" Because if it was a no, I'm in love with the devil," I say looking away. I just want to hear her say it. She places a hand on my cheek and turn my head to hers. She's smiling, so that's a good sign.

"That was a hell yes," she says kissing my nose.

"Such a classy broad, aren't you?" I say laughing, and placing the ring on her finger. She pulls me into a kiss just as intense as the last, but her hands snake into my hair trapping me. My hands go to her hips as she tugs on my lip. Oh she's good, but I'm better. I pinch her sides tickling her. She jumps back and yelps before giggling. I laugh at her as she swats my arm. I kiss her again brushing the tears away from her face.

"I am a classy broad, always," she says against my lips. We stand, and she wraps her arms around my body, resting her head on my chest. "Thank you. This was a surprise," she whispers, lifting her hand to admire the ring.

"No, thank you. I cant wait for forever with you," I say looking down at her and give her body a squeeze.

"Well, forever is starting right now, mister."

This fictional scene is inspired by "Born to Love You," by Nathan Angelo.

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