= Patience, Procrastination, Peace =

Patience, is a gift given to some and not others; well, I struggle with it...a lot! I've spent the last year like many post graduates, job hunting. Nothing is more stressful, degrading, exhilarating, and heartbreaking than job hunting when nothing is working out. The first job is the hardest to get is what I've heard all year, but when your patience is wearing thin, you start to doubt your talents.

Procrastination is my downfall. Sometimes I have great reasons for putting things off other times, I'm like anybody else, I'll make an excuse to not do work. With that being said, I should've started this website awhile ago, but out of fear and doubt, I waited. Fear of judgment, fear of being vulnerable, and fear of success (yes, you can fear that too). Lately, all I do is doubt my talent because I've spent the last year hearing "you're good, but just not good enough," but here's the thing I am good enough because I've been given a gift. 

Peace is what I feel when I write. Whether it's just getting something off my chest or writing a novel, I love to write. Now, it is time to share these musings. This transition will be hard for me. Knowing that anyone can see this, and anyone can dissect my stories or feelings, is daunting, but I know i have something to share. I'm writing to spread some good because if I touch one person, all the work, time, fear, and doubt will be worth it. Life is made up of stories: the past, present, and future, cultures: ours and ones all over the world, people: family, friends, lovers, strangers, and places: new and old. My plan is to explore and share them all.