= Beauty in the Resilient Resistance =

I woke up this morning with purpose. I was ready for the Women's March. The daughter of an feisty Jamaican immigrant and a 28 year veteran from the South, I knew I had to march because they raised me fight for what I believe in, and my wish is that the next generation doesn't have to. 

By the time I got to Grand Central midday, I could see the thousands of protesters in pink pussy hats and rainbows, carrying signs that spoke their minds. The buzz was palpable, I grinned at my roommate and good friend. Down to my very core I could feel this moment would be remembered as the day I joined the resistance in speaking out on injustice. 

As we began walking down 42nd street, dancing to heavy drums, screaming chants all surmounting to utter disagreement with the new administration, I saw that for once, I wasn't alone. As an adult, at times, I felt trapped in my views and existence. The only believer. The only black person. The only woman. The only democrat. The only. But today, at the Women's March, I was surrounded by millions literally, and in spirit, around the globe. The group of people surrounding me was diverse in age, race, religion, gender, and sexuality. We all had different issues that were heavy on our hearts in the forefront of our minds. We were different, courageous, fired up, unapologetic, and hella nasty! 

By the end, I was still reeling. Days like today you don't forget. Walking miles with great friends and complete strangers, connecting on what's right and standing against what's wrong, is a great way to start these next four years. I was proud to see what America is really made of, heart, grit, and so much God given beauty. We are a beautiful people. We are built with pure resilience to fight for what we believe in. 

So this is my charge to you: If you see injustice, of any type, speak up. Do something. Action is key.  Respect others. Live and speak your truth. Pretending is not allowed, unless you're the president, who is pretending to have a clue what the people want. Today showed that he definitely does not, and I'm sure he'll tweet about that tomorrow. Practice self-care. It is going to be a long four years, you'll need your strength. Love...because it really is all you need!