= I Am =

I got a tattoo for my 25th birthday that says “I Am” in Morse code. This phrase is the title of a song by my favorite singer Jojo. It is also the theme of my 25th year, the year of confidence. The goal is to change my negative self-talk and lack of self-love into positivity. This isn't a new concept, but it's a hard concept. For years I've streamed the same words from someone else saying: I'm not pretty, I'm not skinny, I'm not the one they want, I'm not smart, I'm not talented, or I'm not enough. These are just some of the things that stream through my head and because they were repeated so much, I started to believe them. These thoughts were reinforced by societal norms, family, exes, but none of them are my truth. They are all perceptions and expectations of what I'm not and what I should be, rather than what I am.

The first time I heard the song "I Am," I teared up. I felt the lyrics "there was a time when I let you in/with all the doubt underneath my skin/I think it's time that I see the way/I am," as if they were words from my own diary. It's so easy to talk bad to yourself to doubt everything to forget why God put you on this earth, but walking into your truth, beauty, strength, and wisdom, goodness that's a challenge. But I am accepting that challenge to embrace who I am. Are there things I want to change? Sure. Do I have dreams and goals? Yup, just like everyone else. But should I have to focus on what I'm not to get there? No. 

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am strong.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am enough.

I am whatever I say I am, and I am going to believe it because that's how God sees me. I am perfectly flawed and righteously made. So, right now, I challenge you to believe in who you are and to walk in your truth. Find your “I am” statements and own them. This world reminds us of what we aren't to make us feel like we will never be enough. But you are enough. So go on this “I am” journey with me, and if you are like me and need an anthem to help, here's "I Am."