Episode 206: Finale - Growth

Y’all we made it!! We are here at the finale and the one year anniversary of this podcast, and I’m so thankful to all of you for hanging out and listening to season 2! This week I bring back my girl and former co-host Lauren to hang out and reflect how we’ve both grown this past year. If you are in the middle of your reflection season hopefully this encourages you.

Episode 205: Community

This week I reflect on a huge moment for me, my first event Culture and Connections event. It was a success! I talk through what it was like to realize that my community was a big part of why it came to be and why I enjoyed it so much. Community can change everything, find your people.

Episode 204: Doubt

In this week's episode, I talk about so many movies, the past 2 weeks in America, and how I am overcoming doubt in the midst of starting things like my new event series, Culture and Connections. Shameless plug, if you are in NYC, you should come hang out with me!

Episode 201: Reset

Welcome to season 2! After a bit of time away, I'm getting back into my groove. There is one more quarter left of the year, and I want to make it count. Check out how I'm resetting in this week's episode.