Hiding Place by Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly’s new album Hiding Place, is proof that when you get in alignment God, He will provide perfect provision. I’ve been following Tori Kelly for about 8 years now. I remember the audition on American Idol and the Frank Ocean Cover on Youtube. I remember driving to Nashville from Memphis, standing in a line for 3 hours for a show I may not get into and then having to eventually to go to a different venue to wait another 2 hours, and have her slay the joint with just a guitar. All this to say, I’ve been through some things with Tori, and on this album it is no different.

She delivers everything she can on this album both vocally and content wise, and you realize then that this is so much more than an album, it is her testimony. We a lot of times get caught up in figuring out what’s next in the process. But Hiding Place is all about trusting the process that God is taking you through. It is about believing in your gift and not listening to the no’s. It is about getting in alignment with who you are called to be. The themes in the album feel like a mirror to this broken world, but also for many of us who feel weary of our personal tomorrows.

This album features some old and new faces to gospel, and features writing and production by one of my OG favorites, Kirk Franklin. If I had to choose, my favorite tracks are:

  • Psalm 42: the song that lends to the title of the album. This song is my plea right now. I have nothing else to say about that other than check out the video below.

  • Questions: a song that feels so extremely personal and haunted, but has a beautiful message. We all have thorns, but we also can turn that into a blessing

  • Soul’s Anthem (It is Well): I’ve never heard this song sung this way. The arrangement is tear jerking and full with the chorus behind her. The sentiment is also very true, no matter my situation God is still good and because of that, it is well with my soul.

If you haven’t checked out Hiding Place yet, please do it. You will not be disappointed.