Rotation 6.4.18

Welcome to the Weekly Rotation where I share my weekly playlist and what new jams I'm listening to this week! Sorry for the delay...I was distracted by other music which I'll get to in a bit, but, check out this week's rotation!  

Albums & EPs:

This week was album light and I'll tell you my favorite album of the week in the videos sections, but this week was definitely EP heavy. My favorite EP releases this week were:

  • I fell back in love with my part-time home country England with the Talking About Mary EP by Jalen N'Gonda. Jalen is an American born singer who decided to break into the music scene in Liverpool. His EP feels like old soul and rock & roll. My favorite tracks are "Don't You Remember" and "Holler (When You Call My Name)."
  • The new soulful pop tracks from Stereo by Omar Apollo. My favorite track, "Ugotme," also has some visuals as well. 
  •  Ego by Lucas Nord is a fun groove and the title track will definitely be played all summer long.
  • Hip-hop is in a special season, and while the drama is infesting the internet, I'm happy that there are still great artists, like Black Thought, out here doing work! Streams of Thought Vol 1. is a great start to the summer. My favorite tracks off this record are "Dostoyevsky" featuring Rhapsody and "Thank You" featuring KIRBY.


This week had plenty of fun singles, but since I mentioned I got distracted earlier, let me share why. I have an ear for British artists probably more than most, and this week Samm Henshaw, a great voice from across the pond dropped a single, "How Does It Feel," and a video as well. I was watching it and then got trapped in YouTube watching his live performances because his talent is absurd. He's so good as are the other singles of the week, "Until Morning" by James Vickery. Vickery is another Brit, and all I got to say is there is something in their water. I'll be posting another playlist soon with my jams from England, so check back for that!

Video of the Week:

Again, this week was hard. We had great videos drop this week such as "I Like It" by Cardi B giving us summer vibes and looks, "Win" by Jay Rock giving us a summer anthem, "Beyond" by Leon Bridges which was so cute and all about love, to bops like "I Wish I Missed My Ex" by Mahalia. But my pick this week is actually a visual album for Tierra Whack's  Whack World. This album is so cool because it is 16, one minute songs that string together like a story. The visuals for it are amazing and props to Tierra Whack and her creative vision for her music. If you haven't seen the videos check it out below!