=Searching For A Feeling=

I walk away because I forget. I get stuck in my own head, and forget what it means to create. Life does that. It sucks you in, and makes you think other crap is important. I live in New York City, so I'm busy, right? Busy is code word for distracted. We get distracted by trying to make it, being tired, but not enjoying our surroundings, just existing. But goodness, Tuesday night I was reminded of what it means to create and enjoy your life's work.

In a room with six hundred strangers, a beat pumping through my veins, the bass so loud that you can feel rattling your bones, hearing voices that only exist to be heard, I felt something for the first time in a long time. If you don't know who Thirdstory is, it's time to get your life right. Those boys have that God given with two hand type talent. They know what it means to create something that touches someone so fully it propels them to move.

I want to create something that makes someone feel that way. Tuesday night those feelings were real, and everyone in that room felt them. Whatever it was made us all to rock, bounce, and move, but I wish I could put a name on it. I could bottle it up and sell it for a dollar and still be a billionaire because it was so rare.

Though I don't believe in creating for the likes of other people, I'm so thankful to those who create and inspire me because I need it. I need it for the three month dry spells. I need it for my bad days. I need it for good days. We are just “searching for a feeling” and Tuesday night I got a glimpse of what I'm searching for.

To the immensely talent young men that make up Thirdstory, you all have a tremendous gift. Thank you for sharing it, and reminding me to feel.