=Tasks Before, Lucky Number 24=

Every year I commit to life tasks, if you will, that simply don't get done. These commitments are not resolutions, just things I want to do that never happen because I turn off my wants for others or get busy. I've spent a lot of time listening to what other people think for the past year, and ignoring how I feel. I've also been doing things I don't want or even like to do. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the inconsistency. I'm tired of the constant weight I feel on me (both literally and figuratively). I'm tired of waiting for my life to start. There is no such thing as the right time to start your life. There is a lot of risk in living, but at least you can say you tried living with intention versus going through the motions. After a year (ha, or three) in limbo, I'm starting right now, and anyone who reads this can keep me accountable. If you have a list share it with me. We can be accountability partners in crime!!!

TASKS BEFORE 24: (in no particular order)

  • Create some me time. I spend quite a bit of time alone, but I still can’t figure out what “me time” is, and I probably should. It's supposed to be really important
  • Quit working in retail. 5 years is enough (unless you are working corporate or want to)! I want something more stable, meaning not working over night or short early morning shifts that I could never live off of.
  • Move to a new city. I want a fresh start. I love that new feeling, no matter how hectic it is. You eventually find your new normal. 
  • Have my own place. I’ve never lived alone…I long for that feeling of solitude. I’m sure it’ll get lonely, but I just want my own space to decorate and enjoy. I promise I wont become a hermit. 
  • Establish a workout routine and stick to it. I say this every year, but it ain’t easy. Consistency is tough for me, but even more tough when I have wonky work hours.
  • Plan my meals and stick to it. I was healthiest when I did this practice, it helps my inconsistency and lack of will power. French fries are my kryptonite, and I work in a mall so they are everywhere!
  • Complete AND submit my novel. I’m proud of this fun piece of writing, why not share it? I’ve been rejected before. I can take it. I make it seem small, but it’s a long time consuming manuscript.
  • Color my hair. I’ve wanted to do this since I was natural, and I haven’t because I was worried what employers will think of me with a bit of color in my hair. Let’s be real, I have a fro, if you can get past that, the color shouldn’t matter. Plus I listen to my mom too much. I love you ma, but I have three tattoos. You didn’t like those either, and this is far less permanent.
  • Eh, what the heck get a new tat. I’m visiting Memphis in November, and I have to visit my favorite shop. I got a friend who wants some ink too, maybe I’ll persuade her. Corie, I’m looking at you dear!
  • Take an actual vacation. This is simply because I need a vacation! I miss traveling to new places. It makes me lighter, happier, and more creative. I enjoy meeting new people in a city I've never been too. It's gives me new stories to tell. Sweden Finland, Iceland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, or Spain anyone?! The we can visit some classics England, Germany, France, Norway. I'm open to domestic travel too, but honestly, Europe is much more fun.

I have 236 days, which is almost 8 months, to complete this list...I GOT THIS! Keep up with me guys, and I'll let you know what comes of this time before, lucky number 24!

Fun Fact about me: 24 is my favorite number!