More. Less. Equal.

I've always told stories, whether it was on the playground in Anchorage, Alaska or in the lyrics of a song I was writing with my friends in England. Growing up traveling I found that I had a love for meeting new people and cultures. I treasured every experience in the new cities I visited from the people, the accents, the history, the food, even the music, I realized we are all so different and that is truly fascinating to me.

At thirteen, I read Looking for Alaska, by John Green (that was the first time that book was cool, and yes I was a Nerdfighter). That book changed the way I saw my life. It was packed with adventure, love, heartbreak, and reality. When you thirteen these concepts are just showing up on your radar, but they inspired what would be my first novel. I finished my first book by the time I was sixteen. I'll be honest three people have seen that book, they are probably the only ones that ever will, but I'm still proud that I did that I finished one book.

One book, can start something. It did for me. Since that first attempt, I've been writing stories because I have to, for my own sanity. The Keys of D is a look into who I am, where I've been and where I'm going, who I've met and the strangers that lurk around in my imagination or surround me. Words shaped my life, whether they made inspirational lyrics from a beautiful song or thoughtful prose from a great novel, words changed me. Words can do that, because they can tell a story. Stories can relate you to a stranger. Stories can help you escape. Stories can change the world. For me, there are stories that are more that real life , stories that are less than real life , and equal to real life .

My name is Dominique Williams, and The Keys of D is where I want to share stories with you.